Top 7 Reasons Escape Rooms Are Some of the Best Winter Games

Gaming is typically regarded as an activity that requires less brainpower. We want to turn on the console, log on to the game, and beat as many enemies as possible before calling it a day. We play games not to add a few more points to our intelligence but to de-stress from life’s worries.

But what if there was a way to both boost your brainpower and have fun? This is where escape rooms come in. Escape rooms are a physical game where you solve puzzles in a limited time to escape. How does that happen? Here are seven reasons why escape rooms are some of the best winter activities for you and your gang!


They Improve Your Memory

Solving problems and puzzles create new brain cell connections and reinforce them, improving mental acuity and logic. These activities also boost short-term memory, you know, the kind that helps you retain shapes, colors, and what you had for your last meal.


They Boost Your Visual-Spatial Reasoning

Escape rooms are also great concerning your spatial recognition or determining how jigsaw puzzles and other puzzle pieces work together. Combining this with problem-solving means you can finish escape rooms in lesser time and bring those learnings with you in real-life scenarios, such as:

  • Driving
  • Reading a map
  • Packing items
  • Fields that require visual-spatial reasoning such as medicine, architecture, and artistry

They Give You Better Problem-Solving Abilities

Since escape rooms also improve mental acuity and logic, that means your problem-solving skills will be enhanced when you play in escape rooms more often. You need creative solutions since the puzzles within are not exactly easy.

While these games are challenging, they bring you opportunities to consider all possible options, assumptions, and solutions before arriving at the best ones. These fictional situations are applicable in real life through innovation and adaptability to change!


They Reduce Stress

All the thinking, solving, and action involved in an escape room might seem stressful, right? Not quite so! They also help you relax! During puzzle-solving, our brain changes its state from beta to alpha.

The beta state is connected to mental, intellectual, and outwardly focused concentration. Conversely, the Alpha state is what our brain experiences when dreaming during sleep. It naturally lowers stress levels while improving mood, mindset, and self-confidence!


They Also Include Other Educational Aspects

Visual puzzles aren’t the only challenges presented within an escape room. Some tasks require memorizing words or phrases to unlock the next challenge.


They Delay the Development of Mental Illnesses

Dementia is an illness associated with short-term memory loss and difficulty in communicating or finding words. Its most common form is called Alzheimer’s, a kind that affects even controlling one’s thoughts.

Since we’ve established that solving puzzles and problems creates and improves brain cell connections, participating in escape rooms can be a fun way to reduce the damage caused by dementia and Alzheimer’s.


They Improve Collaboration

Escape rooms are games meant to be played with a group of two or more participants. Being a lone ranger isn’t the key to victory. It’s all about collaboration, putting your minds together so all of you can escape. Coming up with solutions together is a fun way to play and can be applied in real life with family or work activities.



There’s hope yet for physical activities such as escape games. Not only are they a great way to pass the time, but they also contribute to a player’s health and well-being by boosting confidence, improving brain power, and reducing the effects of brain damage.

If you’re looking for productive things to do in Florida, book a reservation with us today! We’re an escape room in Sarasota that’ll give you a winter games experience to remember!

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