What You Need To Know About the 2022 Escape Room Experience

Escape rooms were invented ten years ago. Over the years, the goals of an escape room have expanded to include other objectives. For instance, you might have to capture a ghost or become immortal.

Don’t these new objectives sound exciting? You’ll be excited, for sure. In addition, you’ll probably experience an adrenaline rush and work as a team to complete the objective. If you think about it, family bonding and team-building activities don’t get any better than that.

1) It’s Time-Bound

Escape rooms follow a thirty-minute to an hour time limit, but the degree of difficulty will depend on the theme and the number of players. You can expect to spend thirty minutes to an hour solving puzzles and working as a team.

How thrilling! You might even have to solve a puzzle in a time crunch, or you may have to escape before the bad guy or ghost comes back.

2) Each Experience Is Unique

Unlike other games, escape rooms are not on a set course. Each moment is unique. The scenarios are always the same, but the components are constantly changing. This keeps players on the edge of their seats.

Also, you’ll find that escape room providers allow you to customize your experience. For instance, you can choose a theme that suits your taste. Some themes even include props and costumes.

3) It Isn’t Just about Locks and Keys

Although escape rooms may include locks and keys, there are many other ways to solve a puzzle.

For instance, you might find clues hidden in a riddle, or you might have to complete a set of challenges. Yes, escape rooms come with many different challenges, but the concept of locking yourself up is the same.

4) It’s Not Always Scary

Although escape rooms can be quite thrilling, not all of them are scary. Some themes include a romantic feel, while others are more like a game show.

For example, you’ll meet many characters, solve puzzles and maybe even need to escape from a haunted house. If you want to give your date a memorable date, this is a great choice.

Additionally, you might have to find clues to solve a mystery. In essence, escape rooms are more than locks and keys. They are more than finding a locked door. They are puzzles and riddles that you have to solve.

5) Every Escape Room Provider Has Unique Puzzles

If you’ve heard of escape rooms before, you understand that every escape room provider has unique puzzles.

However, you should know that the puzzles are designed to be challenging but not impossible. In fact, each escape room is designed to be defeated by a team working together.

6) The Puzzles Are Challenging

Most escape rooms come with a variety of puzzles. You must understand that they are designed to be challenging but not impossible to solve.


Escape room games are fun for the whole family. Any activity that encourages family bonding and teamwork is a great activity for kids. Meanwhile, teenagers and adults can play together to create memories together.

You can enjoy all of these for yourself or your loved ones. Book an escape room at Premier Escape Adventures and have a day that you will never forget. Contact us today!

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