Why Escape Rooms Should Be Part of Your Next Group Outing

Why Escape Rooms Should Be Part of Your Next Group Outing

In recent years, escape rooms have become the latest craze, especially with the youth and would-be detectives, due to the entertainment they provide. In this type of activity, participants must solve a variety of puzzles and brain teasers within an allotted time to set themselves free.

Now, some may think going in one is a waste of time or just for temporary fun, but escape rooms offer a lot more.

Not only do you get to enjoy yourself, but you also unlock health benefits that will be good for you in the long run. Here are a few more reasons why you should consider this for your next outing or team-building activity.


Solving puzzles makes you feel good

When you can solve a puzzle, your brain rewards you with a hit of dopamine, a naturally occurring neurotransmitter that reinforces beneficial actions. You get gratification when you can accomplish tasks in the escape room, and the harder they are, the greater the sense of success is when you solve them.

In turn, this makes you want to challenge yourself by going into slightly more difficult rooms during the next visit. Additionally, dopamine helps develop a good mood, improves memory and concentration, and heightens social skills. Eventually, dopamine makes you feel more optimistic and less tired. It is why so many people want to keep on returning to escape rooms; they are itching to solve puzzle upon puzzle, helping them to sharpen their minds and improve on their general wellbeing.


Being in escape rooms improves your cognitive abilities

Since you have to go through different puzzles and to follow instructions, ranging from easy to difficult, your problem-solving skills are continuously activated. You mentally rummage through your mind as you construct strategies to help you, and you become more creative and to step out of the box when met with more challenging tasks. You are bound to feel like a detective with the way you can to think differently.

Additionally, these activities help you focus more and develop greater attention to detail. In an escape room, you have to scour every inch of the area to look for the tiniest clue. In an escape room, you become more attentive., a life skill which would benefit you in daily life.


Being in an escape room sharpens interpersonal skills

Usually, you enter these rooms with a partner or a team. The more participants there are, the higher the chances of succeeding, if you work well together. You will have to speak with one another, so using your skills of communication is a requirement. 

There are scenarios when some of your senses are disabled, like when you are blindfolded or are in different rooms. This situation forces you to use other means to communicate – by tapping on walls, shouting out instructions, and more. It also develops your listening skills. If everyone is speaking and arguing, you will only waste time. It’s essential to be an active listener, as well. 

As a team, you will take on different roles, and you have to commit to it. You can exercise your leadership skills by being the one delegating tasks, or you can be the one who solves all the mathematical riddles. By assigning tasks and taking on responsibilities for the team, you strengthen bonds within the group. 



Escape rooms are not just an entertaining way to spend time with friends and family, but they can also provide personal health benefits in many aspects.  Indeed, these rooms are an effective way to practice communication and teamwork. No wonder these rooms have grown in popularity!

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