12 Dos & Don’ts When Playing in an Escape Room

Excited to try your first ever escape room adventure? Before you dive into a great quest, you should first take the time to know what to expect and what you should do so that you can enjoy the adventure fully.

In this article, we will share 12 dos and don’ts when playing in an escape room:

What you should do

1. DO read the frequently asked questions about an escape adventure

You probably have several questions about escape rooms. What should you wear? How long does the game last? What if you do not arrive on time? The answer you need depends on where you book your game. If you’ll have your adventure at Premier Escape Adventures, we’ve prepared an FAQ list that you can look at. If you need general answers to satisfy your first-time jitters, you can also read about what first-timers need to know about escape rooms.

2. DO hold a pre-game somewhere

The most crucial element in an escape game is teamwork. Hype your team up by going out for a quick snack or coffee before game time. This way, you can all prepare mentally and emotionally. Pre-game rituals are also helpful when not all your team members know each other. Doing so can help lessen the tension and improve the camaraderie among teammates.

3. DO work together with your team

We can’t stress enough how great teamwork can bring your team success. If you fail in this part, you are essentially prepping yourself to fail the game.

4. DO start playing

Know that the game begins once you enter the room. Don’t just stand there staring at each other. Start searching for things, moving them around, finding clues, and solving puzzles. Every minute counts inside the escape room.

Tip: Sometimes, people tend to overthink things, so don’t forget to try the obvious solutions first.

5. DO learn to listen

Listen to the game and listen to your teammates. You can miss important pieces of information or clues if you don’t know how to pay focus.

6. DO enjoy the experience

If you’ll be too snarky about everything inside, you’ll not see it as a fun activity. Being competitive is all right, but never forget to enjoy the whole experience with your teammates. So, don’t let anything ruin your relationship and the whole adventure. Most importantly, celebrate your achievements!

What you shouldn’t do

1. DON’T expect to win

Escape rooms are designed to be challenging. There’s a huge chance that your team will fail, especially if it is your first time, but don’t be discouraged. This is what makes the experience exciting and fun because you’ll be more knowledgeable the next time!

2. DON’T feel shy or intimidated

Everyone has good ideas that can help solve the puzzles, which is why you shouldn’t be shy in an escape room experience. Let your thoughts be heard to your teammates because that might be the key to solving the problem.

3. DON’T keep secrets from your teammates

Remember that the game is a team game. No one is counting individual points here, so don’t think about keeping your thoughts or discoveries a secret. If you do so, you’ll be holding your team back from progress.

4. DON’T keep props in your pockets

All props or clues you see in an adventure can be keys to solving the escape room challenge, but keeping them inside your pockets and forgetting about them is not be helpful.

5. DON’T consider it as a first-date idea

Unless the two of you love time-constrained mystery adventures, don’t consider planning for your first date in an escape room. First dates are already nerve-wracking, and adding an adventure that comes with pressure may not help. If you got a second date, then you can try leveling up your get-to-know phase with an escape adventure.

6. DON’T wreck the game room

You should learn how to respect anyone you meet and any place you visit. The owners and game marshals spent time and effort trying to create a game people will enjoy. Remember that there are also others waiting to play the game after you. For this reason, you should ruin the experience for them and treat the game room with respect.


Escape games are great activities to try for families and friends, no matter what age. You get to practice your problem-solving skills while improving your relationship with the rest of your team. We hope the reminders above will help you prepare for your first escape room experience so that you’ll enjoy the experience!

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