3 Tips to Planning for Your Next Escape Room Adventure With Friends or Family

Escape rooms are emerging left and right as it appeals to different audiences with the thrill of solving mysteries. It’s an open secret to an amazing night out with friends, family, and co-workers as it forces you to think outside the box to crack clues and practice your teamwork.

The best part is that the fun doesn’t stop even after you beat an escape room, as the story can continue or delve into a new, exciting narrative with the extensive selection of themes available. If you’re looking for some high-octane energy to spend on your future escapes, the tips below should help ensure your hunt for the next great adventure is on the right step:

Tip #1: Choose the Right Team

The entire fate of your escape room venture relies on everyone’s teamwork, which is why the first thing you should always plan for is choosing the right team. Keep in mind that it’s not about gathering all the brains in one group.

The best team is one that is filled with people who are comfortable playing with each other. They should also fill the other’s gaps with their unique strengths and weaknesses. The key is to achieve a good balance between your dynamics, so the number of people on your team matters more than you think.

Groups of four to six people are the sweet spot since it allows for a reasonable number of minds to work on different tasks. On the other hand, having larger groups can be a recipe for disaster – imagine being stuck in a cramped room with everyone frantically running around for clues. Hence, it’s best to stick to a smaller yet more efficient group.

Tip #2: Plan Ahead and Always Be on Time

While you won’t necessarily know what to expect in the room you’ve chosen, there are various ways you can prep your mental energy and ensure everyone is on the same page. For one, planning for how the team communicates is a critical step you need to complete.

This includes delegating tasks and creating a game plan, which should increase your chances of working together more efficiently. Another simple tip is to always arrive on time. Missing a few minutes can force everyone to panic, since you have little to no time to spare, and arriving in a rush can make you feel tired even before entering the room.

Tip #3: Practice Puzzles and Do Your Homework on Symbology

Familiarizing yourself with solving puzzles and having rudimentary knowledge on symbols can place you at an advantage, especially for abstract-minded individuals who are assigned to hunt down the clues.

Some of the challenges you may encounter include the following:

  • Ciphers
  • Riddles
  • Patterned object placement
  • Skill challenges
  • Keypad or lock combinations
  • Scattered clues
  • Codexes

Some puzzle rooms can also elevate the experience by using sound, tone, and color to add an interesting twist to their hints, so it helps to brush up on some common puzzle challenges to give your brain a headstart.

The Bottom Line

In addition to stimulating your mind and promoting cooperation, escape rooms are all about bringing people together and having fun. The tips above should help you achieve a successful experience, but whether you manage to beat the game or not, the most important thing is to come to have fun.

If you’re looking to put these tips into action in a new puzzle adventure, check out our escape room in Sarasota, Florida today – We look forward to hosting you!