Pros and Cons of Playing An Escape Room With Only Two People

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a Sherlock who investigates mysteries and solves puzzles? Good news! Your dream is now possible. You just need to find an escape room to practice your Sherlock skills.

Escape rooms are a fun, exciting, and quite challenging activity. Essentially, you will be locked up in different rooms filled with puzzles you need to solve so that you can leave the room. There’s usually a time limit. The goal is not just to leave the room but to escape as fast as you can to beat the record.

Playing it alone is quite difficult; that’s why it’s mostly played in teams. However, there’s beauty if you choose to play it with a partner, not with a group. But, of course, there’s also a downside to it.

To give you an idea, here are the pros and cons of playing escape room with just you and another person:



  1. Communication Will be a Lot Easier

The beauty of playing in an escape room with only two people is that you’ll get to have clear communication with your partner. Communication is a vital component in escape rooms because you need to work together in order to solve the puzzle. Sometimes, the puzzles are connected somehow, so you need two minds working together and a few mouths that can clearly communicate the ideas. Without clear communication between the players, everyone might be clueless.

  1. Players Can Have Better Focus

With only two people in the area, there isn’t much noise going around. As such, you and your partner can really focus more on solving the tasks while having fun and a good time. Both of you can help each other escape the room, unlike with groups wherein someone gets a little competitive or even controlling. If there’s someone like that in the pool of players, it seriously takes out the fun in the game.

  1. There Is More Space 

Some escape rooms are not designed to be big. They aren’t very spacious, making it hard to move around and solve mysteries. If there’s a large group inside, the place will already be crowded. But, with only two people, you can move around freely, making your quest a lot more fun and easy.



  1. There Will Only be a Few Sets of Eyes

The first disadvantage of having two people play in an escape room is that there will only be a few sets of eyes. Meaning, solving each puzzle will consume more time, and there aren’t many ideas to solve difficult ones.

  1. Puzzles Will be Solved More Slowly

In most cases, upon entering a room, a larger group usually disperse and tackle more puzzles simultaneously. This technique serves as an advantage because many people can work on different puzzles at the same time, reducing the time to escape the room. But, with only two people solving puzzles, it will take more time to escape.



There are pros and cons of playing in an escape room with only two people. But, if you’re up for the challenge, playing escape room with only a partner is worth trying. As long as you have an adequate plan before entering the room, both of you will easily beat a larger group that is tackling an escape room without a plan. After all, playing escape rooms is all about fun, so make sure to play it with someone who you’ll be happy to be with.

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