The 5 Different Personalities You Will Find in an Escape Room

Everyone plays a specific role in escape rooms, whether you know it or not! Of course, everyone wants to win, but things may not work out as you have planned. With the pressure and time constraint, many unexpected things are bound to happen. You may already have your own idea of what your personality is, but escape rooms may bring out a whole other side to you.

If you want to win the game, make sure to anticipate the common personalities you may encounter during your escape attempt and figure out how each can contribute to cracking the code.

The Control Freak

Once the door locks, this person will be in full control mode, turning everyone in the team into their workforce. The control freak will immediately put themselves into the position of the leader—self-proclaimed or otherwise—and take the initiative in putting together plans to figure out the puzzles. They tend to set up a plan, assign roles, and make executive decisions in the hopes of finding clues and accomplishing the goal under the required time.

The Cheerleader

The cheerleader definitely takes “cheer” to heart! Being the complete opposite of the control freak, this person doesn’t take the game too seriously and prefers to keep things fun. They do their best to pump everyone up and share positive vibes, so no one feels too frustrated while looking for clues and coming up with solutions.

Escape rooms can be pretty challenging, and you may have a hard time solving riddles and collecting codes. With the frustration and time pressure, things can get heated very quickly. Luckily, the cheerleader is there to prevent things from getting too serious.

Every time you feel like you’re stuck or when you’re thinking of ideas, the cheerleader will be by your side to cheer you on. As long as everyone has a good time, you will surely find a way to win against the escape room!

The Analyst

Escape games are right in the analyst’s alley! This person is naturally curious and loves to try new things.

Having an analyst on your team will help you unlock the door of the escape room—they will try everything and try to think of the box until they manage to figure things out. The analyst will most probably be the last to give up, as they are patient and persistent.

Quitting doesn’t exist in their vocabulary! Their intuition and perception allow them to understand how the clues fit together to solve a puzzle. When you have an analyst in your group, you’re bound to eventually crack the code to the escape room!

The Supporter

The supporter makes sure that everyone is heard. People with this personality type take care of other’s needs so that every member of the group has an enjoyable experience.

Whenever someone starts to argue, the supporter will immediately try to mediate the situation and ensure that each person has the opportunity to air out their opinions and feelings.

Don’t forget that the supporter needs support, too! You will have a much more memorable time inside the escape room when everyone, including the supporter, feels seen and appreciated.

The Quitter

Not everyone can handle the pressure of being in an escape room for too long. Different people have their own limits, and you can expect the quitter to be the first to give up!

Escape games can be physically and mentally demanding—you will need to have good hand-eye coordination, practice quick thinking, and have good social skills to crack the code or solve the puzzle. You may be busy trying to win, but don’t forget to check on those who are already mentally and physically exhausted!


Escape rooms are an immersive experience that will surely bring you and your friends together while solving puzzles and finding clues. Of course, winning is the goal, but you shouldn’t let the game get to you! Keep in mind that at the end of the day, the escape room is a game—it’s alright to take things seriously, but remember to have fun too!

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