Why Escape Rooms are the Perfect First Date Destination

Do you have someone special you’d like to take out for the very first time? Dinner and a movie won’t cut it. A fine dining establishment may be special, but what if you aren’t good at the small talk?

Ditch the half-baked plans, because we’ve got the perfect first date suggestion for you: do an escape room! There’s no better way to impress someone special than by taking them on a date that is quite literally removed from the ordinary.

But how did this activity come to be? Let’s take a look.


A Quick Glimpse of How Escape Rooms Came to Be

Back in 2007, the first escape room adventure was launched in Kyoto. It may have been received with some skepticism, but it soon drew plenty of players. In just a while, the trend began to flourish and spread all over Asia, the U.S., Europe, and Australia!

The game is just what it sounds—an escape room, sometimes called an “escape game”—is an exciting and innovative activity where you and any other attendees have to work together to solve a puzzle and “escape” from the game. Everyone will have to work together towards a common goal—and that’s just one of the reasons it’s a great first date destination!

Let’s take a look at a few more reasons to do an escape room with a date:


You’re Impressing Your Date With Something Out of the Norm


Traditional date ideas are classic and perfectly enjoyable, but they don’t always present the best environment for getting to know each other. How about impressing your date to be experiencing something they’ve never done before? This is a good chance to be creative and build anticipation with both fun and excitement. With the idea that it is as unique as an escape room date, you’ll surely create an experience with no dull moments.


You’re Forced to Work Together

Choosing to navigate an escape room also means that you’ll have meaningful conversations until the date is over. And best of all, neither of you will be reeling off a resume-like list of why you are who you are. Escape rooms present an organic environment to get to know each other, and you’re sure to leave having gotten to learn something new about the other person. The experience will stand out, and your date will definitely remember every detail of that unique date experience.


You’re in for an Exciting Adventure

Escape rooms are exciting, and where better to spend time with someone you like than in a place that will induce adrenaline? The chemistry is in your favor, so immerse yourself in the game and show your date that you like to have fun. After you’ve enjoyed the activity together, you’ll find yourselves leaving with big smiles on your faces.


You’ll Get to Snap a Great Photo!

Most escape rooms have little corners where you can snap memorable photos with a few props! Take the opportunity to document the first experience shared between you and your special someone. This will serve as a souvenir, a keepsake of an enjoyable date together. And who knows—if it leads to a second or hundredth date, it’ll be a memory to look back on together!



Overall, an escape room is a perfect idea for a unique date. It is fun, exciting, and full of promise to give dating a new definition. There’s no need for you to be wary about having dull moments while getting to know each other. Dating can be even more fun and meaningful with such a creative and innovative idea.

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