Enjoyable Escape Room Session For Kids – 2 Tips To Consider

After spending far too much time at home with the same routine each day, impatience is most likely getting the best of your little ones as quarantine restrictions keep on extending.

Although we all entered the COVID-19 pandemic and its initial set of lockdowns with a mindset that things will be back to normal in a few months’ time, being over a year into the whole situation clearly proves otherwise. Beyond the minimal amendments that have been levied in the past few months, the various glimmers of hope that make sense to any adult are no longer enough to keep your restless children in place and patient.

This is why you one day decide that it’s time to finally schedule an escape room appointment at Premier Escape Adventures for your kids as a little breather. Given that you and your family have spent far too much time indoors for more than a year (with the occasional grocery run), you’re probably wondering how you can help your little ones enjoy the upcoming experience.

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with this guide to everything you need to know about preparing and helping your children make the most out of their time in a well-crafted room.


A few tips worth considering

With your scheduled escape room session right around the corner, you’re likely worried about what you’ll need to make sure that your little ones have the best experience possible. To help ensure that everyone on board with the idea gets to make the most out of an hour or two in a challenging experience, here are some tips that can help you put the necessary preparations in place:


Learn to delegate kid-friendly tasks to your little one

The very first step to making the whole escape room experience enjoyable for your kid is to learn about delegating manageable tasks based on what is and what isn’t “child-friendly.”

Although your little one could solve a problem that you’d put in front of them if they try hard enough, there are certain tasks (think pop culture, complex English work, and advanced math) that aren’t suited to their skills. By preparing yourself well enough to ensure that you know what and what not to give to your child once you step into an escape room, it’ll be much easier to keep things enjoyable and easily foster teamwork!


Choose a theme that is best suited to your child’s interests

One special part of escape rooms in Sarasota and Bradenton is that they’re available in the form of different themed experiences, which can help make the experience that your kid has a lot more enjoyable and special.

From bloody zombie apocalypse and superhero themes to prison escape situations, the list of different themes that you and your little one can enjoy during your next visit is nearly endless. With our five-star Houdini’s Book of Secrets and critically-acclaimed The Curse themes, you’ll customize your experience well enough to help your little one fully immerse themselves for a bonding experience they’ll never forget!



Although the COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly hampered the plans that you’ve set as bonding time for you and your kids, a trip to your local escape room with a few rounds of great, immersive games can turn things around. Through the help of the two tips mentioned above, you’ll be able to ensure that your little ones have the most amazing experience possible once you’re all locked in and ready to play!

Are you looking to have one of the most exciting experiences you’ll ever have in your life? At Premier Escape Adventures, we provide a fun Escape Room Experience for all ages with our escape room in Bradenton, FL. Get in touch with us today to schedule a session!

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