Escape Room Etiquette 101 – How to Play with Strangers

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend your weekend, you may want to take a shot at playing in an escape room. Although we don’t offer public games where you would be joined with another group, some other escape rooms may. 

Keep reading below to find out tips on playing with strangers and getting out of an escape room in one piece!

You Should Make the Initiative to Get to Know Everyone

The first thing you need to do to ensure you and everyone involved has a great time is to make a quick introduction and get to know the people you’ll be playing with for the next few hours. Since you’re following a schedule alongside other excited groups, you must use the limited time you have to break the ice and prevent your shyness from getting in the way.

While you’re still gathered in the lobby and waiting for your turn, you should make an effort to know who you’re playing with and avoid just asking them about their names. You could try to make small talk and ask your teammates what they’re looking forward to once you’re all inside the room and what tasks they want to be in charge of doing.

Once you find out what everyone’s good at, you can focus on creating a strategy to help manage your time, assign roles, and have a better chance of winning. Moreover, every time one finds a clue, you can gather and talk about it as good friends rather than strangers!

You Should Maintain Good Communication at All Times

Part of getting to know your teammates is communicating with them throughout the entire duration you’re inside the escape room. Every time one of you discovers a clue or something helpful that can bring you one step closer to winning, you have to discuss it among the group.

In addition, you must remain patient when one of you is a bit slower or soft-spoken. However, since every second that passes brings you closer to losing the game, you should encourage people to try their best and remind your new friends that everyone’s working together.

When no one’s stepping up to act as the leader and assign roles if you have it in you, you might as well step up and take charge—but don’t forget to remain respectful. Be a team player and maintain good communication, asserting yourself in a way that inspires others to do well.

You Should Stay Competitive—But Remember, It’s Just a Game

No matter how competitive you and your teammates are, an important way to beat an escape room is to remind each other that it’s just a game and you’re there to have fun. You can expect everyone to feel nervous, excited, and scared the first time they enter the room, including you.

However, if you want to prevent wasting any time and worrying about not playing the game correctly, it’s best to focus on the tasks at hand than the fact that you’re playing with strangers. When everyone works their way throughout the escape room, little by little, you will get to know the people more, helping you get comfortable playing with them until the end.


When you’re looking for things to do in Florida, you should never forget to add an escape room to your list of activities to try. At Premier Escape Adventures, we only offer private games. You will not be joined by anyone outside of your group. 

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