What to Keep in Mind Before You Enter an Escape Room

Over the years, escape rooms have gained so much popularity. It’s a great bonding experience for groups of people where everybody can take part in solving a mystery. If you plan to play in an escape room, there’s general etiquette you need to follow to ensure that everybody can work together and escape the room.


Follow the Signs

Most escape rooms have signs that you shouldn’t touch, and no, this isn’t a trick—you really shouldn’t touch them, especially the stickers in the room. These are not part of the game, and these stickers are placed on light switches, outlets, cameras, speakers, etc. You can also find them on some props or locks that shouldn’t really be touched.

So, if you don’t see signs that say don’t touch, don’t. It’s not part of the game.


Don’t Destroy Anything

When the game master tells you not to look in certain directions, follow their instructions. Otherwise, you will only waste your time. If you look in areas that you shouldn’t touch, you could destroy something, and you will need to pay for this or, worse, get kicked out of the room without a refund.

In addition to that, make sure you don’t use any excessive force. If a key doesn’t open a lock, don’t force it. That only means you don’t have the right key, and you should keep looking.

Lastly, you don’t need to unscrew every screw you find unless you’re given a tool to do so. If you’re not given any tools to do this, that only means there’s no need for that.


Don’t Flip Stuff

There are furniture pieces in the room, and trust us, flipping them over won’t help you escape the room. Also, there is nothing you’ll get if you climb on the furniture. Keep in mind: everything that you will ever need in an escape room is within your reach with your feet on the ground.


Don’t Play When You’re Intoxicated

So, you probably had a few drinks with your friends, and you decided to go to an escape room for some more fun. However, this isn’t the best idea. When you’re intoxicated, your brain isn’t working at full capacity, which means it will be more challenging for you to solve puzzles or mysteries, which will make the entire thing pointless. Also, a lot of escape rooms won’t let you play when you’re intoxicated, so better go when you’re sober.


No Mobile Phones

Not all escape rooms allow the use of mobile phones, but in case they do, make sure to leave it in your bag or pocket. There’s no use for them in the room. In the case you need to use it for an emergency, you’re going to need to leave the room.



Following these general etiquette guidelines will help you solve the puzzle and escape the room. Moreover, these will help you have a great experience with your friends. It’s important you follow these to ensure you don’t do any damage and make the most out of what you pay for. Now, go and have fun!

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