What Not to Do in an Escape Room – A Beginner’s Guide

What Not to Do in an Escape Room

You may have a clear idea of the tasks to do in an escape room, which includes solving puzzles, looking for clues, and coordinating with your teammates. However, you might not be too aware of what you shouldn’t do during a session.

Observing proper gaming etiquette

Playing an escape room game isn’t always about doing things beyond the normal to solve puzzles and obtain clues. Since escape games aren’t familiar to everyone, some guidelines and rules need to be explained before the start of the game.

In this article, we will share a quick guide on three don’ts that you have to observe before starting your escape adventure:

1. Don’t use brute force in solving puzzles

The puzzles contained in escape rooms require you to think outside the box in looking for hints and solutions to clues. It may require you to find symbols, pattern placements, objects with different angles, and orientations. However, this doesn’t mean that you should use brute force in handling the various clues that are scattered for you to find.

An escape game is not precisely like a scavenger hunt where you have to break in different hiding spots and corners to get your clues. These rooms are actually designed so that you won’t have to use too much physical effort in solving the puzzles. Sometimes, the staff will leave indicators that some items shouldn’t be moved as they’re either prop pieces or important clues that don’t need moving.

2. Don’t take souvenirs from the room

Escape rooms make use of different objects that can help you solve locks and patterns that are necessary for advancing to the next stage of the room. Most of these items are small and can fit inside your pocket. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t attempt to bring these clues out after the game ends because they aren’t souvenirs that you can take.

The experience in solving the game’s puzzles is the keepsake that no one can take away from you. However, if you’re looking for a physical remembrance of your struggles, you can purchase souvenirs and trinkets in most escape room establishments.

3. Don’t show up late or intoxicated

Punctuality is a fundamental value to keep, especially when you have reserved a session for an escape game. Since you’ll be working under a set amount of time, it would be unfair for people who’ve reserved after you to adjust their playtime because you’re late.

Being drunk while playing is also not allowed. Although it can be a wild idea to solve puzzles while you’re high on alcohol, it won’t be fun and games anymore when the staff has to clean up the mess you made. When you arrive at the venue, make sure that you’re capable of thinking straight. Remember that the thrill of playing an escape room is by having your mind engaged with different types of puzzles, and not by lumbering around and making a fool of yourself.


No one wants to deal with limiting rules, especially in solving puzzles. Instead of thinking of these guidelines as limitations, you should see them as obstacles that you should overcome to give you a full gaming experience.

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